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Intelligent Marketing, The role of a website

Intelligent Marketing: The Role of a Website


Intelligent Marketing is important for developing positive customer relationships, increasing leads, and creating a life-long customer base. This article focuses on explaining the important role that a website plays in Intelligent Marketing.

What is Marketing?

To a lot of people, marketing and sales are one and the same thing. Truth is both closely relate to one another but if you think marketing is all about getting in people’s faces and shoving your product or service down their throat, you’ve got the wrong idea.

Marketing is all about matching up two groups of people, people who have problems and people who have solutions to these problems. In the context of a business, these are buyers and sellers.

Today, almost everyone claims to be a marketer. Well, it’s not a very wrong thing to take such a judicious title on one’s self but the question still remains. “Is everyone really intelligent at marketing?”.

As we advance, we will answer this question personally, so gird your loins as we embark on this very lucrative journey into the world of marketing.

What is Intelligent Marketing?

Intelligent marketing is the process of gathering, analyzing and using the everyday information relevant to your business for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making.

Marketing has grown to a level that helps you earn no matter the time or the location that you are at. Many make massive income daily in marketing while same competitors in the same field find it difficult to find a single soul to refer to as a “customer”, it’s not magic, it’s the right utilization of information.

What is The Role of a Website in Intelligent Marketing?

Information is the key and power to the growth of any business no matter its kind. The shocking fact is that until this day, not many know the effect and crucial role of a website in intelligent marketing.

Yes, we go online each day to read the papers, watch the latest news updates, learn about the trending wears and gifts but we never bother to ask, “how did this person I’m buying this information from, manage to reach out to me?”.

This is one question that when answered, is more than capable of changing your view on business.

A website is a platform set up for the sole purpose of information dissemination. The owner decides what information to publish on the website.

In recent years, studies have shown that, websites are the one very strong means of information spreading, this is undoubtedly true because we (the consumers) are the ones making the stats. So, if websites can have such stats, why not take advantage of it and make it bring money into your bank account?

How Do I Use a Website for Intelligent Marketing?

For your business to grow better than usual, you need to be available to your customers/clients. You also need to be able to communicate with these special people so as to keep them up to date on not just what you have in your shop, but you could also ask for feedback about what they need, what’s the latest wear and trends or other questions that make sense for your business growth no matter its kind. This will go a long way to help you supply what your customers need, items/services that won’t have to last months or years in your store/company before you sell/provide.

Creating a website for your business is one of the best ways among the few, to carry out a successful intelligent marketing. So many have taken the bold step of taking their businesses online and are very much grateful they did, many law firms, engineers, shop owners, and authors have taken the step to take their businesses to the next level by creating a website for it, stop waiting, take the step and you’ll be grateful you came across this article.

Remember, it isn’t what you sell/provide, but the information you get and apply in marketing the product/service which you sell/provide. Below are the several ways to use a website for intelligent marketing:

1- Choosing a Memorable Domain Name

The domain name or web address you choose for your website needs to be catchy, easy to remember, as short as possible and sound easy.

2- Get your website to Rank in Search Engines

You can do so by performing Search Engine Optimization by yourself or by hiring a company that provides SEO Services, and learn How to Write SEO friendly Content.

3- Engage Your Audience (Have a Blog)

The Blog section of your website is your platform to connect with your audience/visitors. Provide them with fun topics, interesting posts, and tips to solve a certain problem that also relates to your services/products. Make sure to optimize all your posts for search engines.

4- Have a Clear Navigation

The easier it is to navigate around your website, the more likely your visitors will stay on your website. If you don’t have the knowledge it takes to design a website, make sure to hire someone that can provide you with top notch website designing services.

5- Update Your Content Regularly

Keep your website up-to-date. You don’t want search engines and visitors to forget you. A bad instance would be if a visitor was to order a service/product that you no longer provide, or if a new service/product that you provide is not listed on your website.

6- Offer Online Discounts

Encourage people to use your website to place an order rather than WhatsApp or social media platforms, by offering a discount for orders placed using your website.

7- Use Google Analytics

This tool among many other, allows you to view full details about your site visitors.

No, it’s not violating the user’s privacy, as it doesn’t record any personal information. It rather offers you the information about the customer experience itself, learn more about google analytics here.

8- Use Google AdSense

Do you notice the websites that annoy you with their ads? Yeah, those aren’t the type of ads we are talking about.

We are talking about the ads that appear in a comfortable place on the website. The ads you don’t notice unless you actually show interest in. They appear in a visible, yet not too “in your face” kind of place. However, the placement is totally up to you to decide.

To make it an even more pleasant experience, google ensures to place ads that are relevant to the environment it is placed within.

9- Make it Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, more users come from mobile devices than any other, so it is very important that you make sure your website design is mobile friendly and compatible.


A professionally designed and well-structured website, with the help of the right tools to gather information, the deep analysis and constructive use of this information can build your business and make it reach to heights you never imagined possible.

We live in a world that runs on Information Technology and not embracing this fact, is denying yourself the success your business deserves. 

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